A Day in the Life of…a Partylite Consultant!

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Welcome to a new feature on Loveahappyending Lifestyle. For the next few of my posts I will be delving into the lives of people I know and bringing you the lowdown! This time I am delighted to introduce my good friend and Partylite consultant,

Claire Noakes.

Claire Noakes

PartyLite candles are available in a wide variety of fragrances, shapes, and colours, with different candle forms, fragrances, and accessories for every season. PartyLite is visionary in the art of creating the perfect home ambience using a combination of colour, fragrance, and home décor pieces. As a direct sales company, PartyLite offers its Consultants flexible working models, recognition, and financial independence combined with a great deal of fun.

Tell us about you and your role…

I live in a village called Barton Stacey near Winchester, Hampshire in the UK. I am married to my husband, Tony. I have always been a fan of candles ever since I was young and even tried making my own with a kit I had one Christmas, but not quite Partylite standard!

candles 1 I have been a Partylite independent consultant now for eight years this year! At all my parties, no matter how many guests arrive, I like to make sure everyone is happy and try to talk with every guest, giving them the opportunity for free products.

I give out my party pack to the host/hostess a few weeks before the party. In that pack are invites, catalogues, special offers, an invitation guest list and a game called Candle Pool. Everyone who wants to join in with this game has the opportunity of winning up to £100 to spend on their favourite Partylite products.

I like to try and work with the hostess to achieve as much free product as they can and help get as many rewards to them as possible, including commission, hostess rewards, and booking gifts.

At the party I always start off with a thank you to the hostess and to all the guests coming along and we then go on and play a game to break the ice! I will then take them through the hostess and guest special offers.  Then the real fun for candle and fragrance lovers begins!

Claire 1

I’ll pass around any new fragrances and items from the display and talk the guests through all the wonderful candle holders and wax options.

We sometimes have a raffle for some Partylite products. Then, once all the orders are collected, I work out the hostess’ commission and let her/him spend away!

For me this is not just any job, but a job where I can have fun and make new friends selling what I love. It also fits in with my lifestyle perfectly. I get so many rewards too – free products, recognition, and also a 5* all-inclusive holiday for free, which I have achieved this year. So in April 2014 I will be going to  Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic! What other job gives you rewards like that?

Believe in the Magic with Partylite


The questions…

There are lots of other home party options (Jamie At Home, Ann Summers etc.) why did you choose Partylite and candles?
To be honest when I started out with Partylite there were so many different companies to choose from (Tupperware, Ann Summers, Body Shop, and Pampered Chef) all of which I looked at. But the only one I was drawn to was Body Shop because I liked their products and everyone needs replacement makeup as they use it! Then I spoke to a friend about Partylite. I loved the candles and the hostess programmes, etc. In the end it just had to be them because of the FREE start up with no cash investment. All I had to do was show the products, have fun, and make new friends. Plus, again, I knew I had a business for life as it is a consumable product – people burn them and need replacements. Perfect! 
Claire 2
What is your favourite all-time Partylite product?
There have been so many catalogues that I have seen over the years and not just the eight years as a consultant but as a customer/hostess too, but it has to be the Global Fusion Collection for me.
global fusionI think I have almost every piece of the collection. I love the colours to it as it goes with most decors and even during the day the natural light just bounces off the mirrored squares.
What is your favourite all-time Partylite fragrance?
That’s an easy one as  it was my first love – Mulberry!
What does a candle consultant do in her spare time?
I love spending time with my husband and our pet family. We have a few! Two cats, a baby parrot, tortoises, and chickens. Besides that we do like going to the cinema together and I like to go swimming , to badminton, and of course I’m looking forward to going on that 5* all expenses paid holiday with Partylite!
What is your favourite\strangest\most memorable candle party?
Well, my very first one was interesting and memorable as at that stage I had no official training so just went ahead and braved it on my own. I spoke so fast and never passed around any fragrances  or lit anything through the demonstration. It was a wonder I sold anything!

My favourite one – well there are so many!  But as long as I leave with everyone smiling and have left behind a happy hostess then I know I have done a good job !  I like it when  my hostesses join in too! For example, Mandy Baggot often joins in by doing the games for me and gives entertainment with vocals!
The strangest one I can think of was when I was demonstrating the LED Pillars at a Mandy Baggot party and as I was using the remote control to switch on the candle,  it also switched on the ceiling fan and light! It took a while for us all to realise how it kept switching itself on! Very spooky!
You can find out more about Partylite Home Fragrance and Claire by following the links below:-
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