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Security by Mandy Baggot

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Fiction

Format: Paperback and Ebook


“A fast-past paced romantic suspense with many twists and turns”

Synopsis: Autumn, a pop princess who is at the very top, suddenly finds herself not only pestered by paparazzi, but now also faces serious threats from the outside. Nathan, an ex-soldier, gets assigned to protecting Autumn. Has he taken on too much and are his demons from his past coming back to haunt him or will he rise to the challenge?

Heidi at Cosmochicklitian read Security and this is an extract from her review: “I am a huge fan of Mandy’s book and couldn’t wait to get my teeth into this one! Mandy’s talent to draw the reader in from the first page onwards is amazing. I loved everything about this book and to be honest, I think this is probably my most favourite Mandy Baggot book so far. The combination of heart-racing action and incredibly tender romance really worked for me. I loved the way Mandy described Autumn’s “world” – a spoilt little pop star who grows as the story develops and learns so much about herself and whom she can trust and confide in. I don’t think I’ve read one single Mandy Baggot book which didn’t make me cry. Security is no exception to this. I love this – it shows so truly what Mandy’s books are all about – an incredible storyline with lots and lots of emotions!”

Read the whole review at Cosmochicklitian

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The Restaurant @ The Mill by Linn B Halton

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Fiction

Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing


“A thought-provoking book that has everything from romance to ghosts”

Synopsis: Age, relationships, and careers – we are all unique. Yet beneath the exterior facade we choose to show to the world at large, what do we have in common? The things we bury deep inside; the worries and fears we are unable to verbalise, and the hand fate takes in our lives is a common thread. Sometimes we fail to recognise in each other that innermost struggle on the path to true love. Six very different stories, six couples linked by The Restaurant @ The Mill, owned by Hilary Marks and Ben Adams. As the restaurant thrives the atmosphere is alive with conversation, snapshots of lives unfolding; each one a personal journey.

Kate at MeMybooksandI read The Restaurant @ The Mill and this is an excerpt from her review: “On top of all these characters was the addition of a spirit called Sarah, she was a fabulous twist to the story and her tale was as interesting as the rest.  The epilogue was great; it was very different and really left me smiling! This book covered some very difficult issues (bereavement, family rifts and an unplanned pregnancy to name just a few) but I felt that they were written well and with care, I feel confident that most people would be able to relate to at least one character and that is what makes this book so readable for me. I loved how the individual stories tied together and made me feel personally involved with them all, also the descriptions of the mill and it’s surroundings enabled me to picture everything so easily. This is a thought-provoking book that has everything from romance to ghosts, definitely worth a read!”

Read the whole review at MeMybooksandI

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Neurotically Yours by Bonnie Trachtenberg

Genre: Rom Com Fiction

Format: Paperback and Ebook


“A fun romantic comedy with some hilarious moments”

Synopsis: Dara Harrison is on sabbatical from dating. Ironically Los Angeles’ most renowned relationship advice columnist, she has become a Southland sensation with her “tell-it-like-it-is” approach to the mating game. Parlaying her success into a new business, Dara launches a revolutionary dating service geared for the perennially single and romantically challenged. Its no-holds-barred theme soon makes the company a roaring success, even catapulting Dara onto the national talk show scene—until, of course, it all backfires.

JB at Brook Cottage Books read Neurotically Yours and this is an extract from her review: “Neurotically Yours is one of those books that will have you thinking about the cast for the movie that this book is crying out to be made into. It’s a fun romantic comedy with some hilarious moments. Bonnie Trachtenberg has created such an array of wonderfully endearing characters that help to develop the plot and make this book so enjoyable. I defy anyone not to like this book. I didn’t move off the sofa until I finished it!”

Read the whole review at Brook Cottage Books

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So, You Think You’re A Celebrity Chef..? By Caroline James

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Fiction

Publisher: ThornBerry Publishing

Format: Paperback and eBook celebrity chef

“Ab Fab meets Masterchef!”

Synopsis: When media agent Hilary Hargreaves travels to Ireland to look at a campaign for a new cookery school, she meets a blast from her past – the romantic but feckless chef Mickey Lloyd, who is hell-bent on resurrecting his flagging career. Her tough demeanour is rocked as it becomes apparent Mickey’s intentions involve more than a stint behind a stove in his quest to pursue her. But as plans for the school gain momentum, she realises that she’s developing more than a passing interest in reformed alcoholic Long Tom Hendry, who owns the crumbling old mansion where the school will be homed.

Carol at Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog read and reviewed So, You Think You’re A Celebrity Chef..? and this is an excerpt from her review:  “There are some very funny scenarios in this novel, but it is not all laugh a minute. There are some tender moments in there, too. There is a “didn’t see that coming” shock, too. This story needed my full attention, in what I can only describe as Ab Fab meets Masterchef in a soap opera. Action packed, funny and emotionally charged. Superb!”

Read the whole review at Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog

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Every Step of the Way By Kit Domino

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Thornberry Publishing Every Step of the Way

Shortlisted for the 2004 Harry Bowling Prize

Synopsis: 1952 in West London. A time of coffee bars and jukeboxes, Teddy boys and gang fights. As Christmas approaches, sixteen-year-old Beth Brixham has so much to look forward to. No more school, her first job, her first boyfriend. Instead, her world is thrown into darkness and chaos as the Great Smog descends over London, leaving in its wake a trail of death and disruption and changing Beth’s life forever.

Susan at Fascinating Books read and reviewed Every Step of the Way and this is an extract from her review: “Every Step of the Way is the well-written, touching story. At sixteen years old, Beth Brixham has her whole life ahead of her. Her future is bright until fate strikes and in an instant, her life is changed. Kit Domino weaves a story that takes the reader to post WWII London. This is a fantastic story and I highly recommend reading this book”

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The Star Child by Stephanie Keyes

The Star Child Series, Book One

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Publisher: Inkspell Publishing The-Star-Child_final_

“The world is about to be cloaked in darkness. Only one can stop the night!”

Synopsis: Kellen St. James has spent his entire life being overlooked as an unwanted, ordinary, slightly geeky kid. When the sudden death of his Gran takes him from the East coast to the rugged cliffs of Western Ireland, all that changes. That is until a beautiful girl, one who has haunted his dreams for the past eleven years of his life, shows up spinning tales of a prophecy. Not just any old prophecy either, but one in which Kellen plays a key role. Suddenly, Kellen finds himself on the run through a Celtic underworld of faeries and demons, angels and gods, not to mention a really ticked off pack of hellhounds, all in order to save the world from darkness. But will they make it in time?’

Charlotte at recently read The Star Child and this is an excerpt from her review: “The story is shrouded in mystery and Keyes very cleverly ensures the book is unputdownable by reeling in the reader within the first few opening pages. Magic and myth resonate throughout the pages. A journey full of action and adventure! A complete joy to read and sets up nicely for a sequel.”

Read the whole review at

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