Going Modular: My Home in the Making – Part 2

PHASE 2: Coming to Fruition


Most people who build their home from scratch watch it progress over a period of many months or years. (Just ask my new next-door neighbor whose house has been in the building stages for over two years now.) That’s the reason my husband and I chose modular building when we decided to build our dream home. In Part I of my three part series, I offered some background on this decision and what led to it. I also discussed how we chose our modular building company.

A few weeks ago, we headed to Pennsylvania to get a gander at our house being built in the factory. What’s so amazing about building this way is that the controlled environment and large team of workers make it extremely efficient, while shielding the building materials from the outside elements. Below, are some photos we took at the factory to give you an idea of the atmosphere.


Warehouse me alone
This is what a “box” looks like…
Happy team makes happy home! Me, Adolfo Busillo of Five Star, and Mitchell.
Happy team makes happy home! 
Me and my long-coveted turret!!

The most exciting part of the day was getting to see (and walk inside) parts of the interior of my home. One box included the pantry, kitchen, breakfast nook, and family room. Another held the dining room, foyer, powder room, and living room. We also got to see our upstairs bedrooms including the guest bedroom, bathroom, my office and our gorgeous master suite. I have to say, the experience of walking through the place was exhilarating, especially since up until that point, my home had only been lines on a page and faint images in my imagination. Watching how the workers brought it to reality was truly something to behold!

Over the last few months we’ve had some hassles with obtaining the several permits required to build. We’ve also had a few headaches with our former house buyers securing their bank documents in order for us to close. We were able to knock down the house that existed on our new land and begin excavation, but the process is always at the mercy of the weather and vagaries of human action. Therefore, we decided to ship materials such as our kitchen cabinets directly to the factory, so they could install them there and save us time when the house is delivered.


Check out the 10' 2" ceilings!
Check out the 10′ 2″ ceilings!


Looking into the kitchen from the family room.
Looking into the kitchen from the family room.


Family room photo
The family room with fireplace and door to patio.


Currently, the foundation is being poured on our land and we are hoping that the modular company will be able to deliver our house at the end of September. “Installation” takes only a day or two and since we will have saved some time by having them do some floors and cabinets in the warehouse, we should be able to move into the home earlier than expected. This is music to my ears, since I am now being held hostage in a small mobile house with four neurotic cats. I’m hoping my time here will last no more than one month, which could have been avoided altogether if my intrepid husband had commandeered the permit process a few weeks earlier. (He’s a force of nature when he puts his mind to something!)

So stay tuned for Part III of my series, which will include the delivery of the boxes, the swift setting of them on my land, and some great photos of our dream home fully installed!


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