Going Modular Part 3: My House Has Arrived!

If you’ve been following my modular journey, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. In PART 1 of my series, I explained why my husband and I chose to build our new house with modular innovation. In PART 2, we went to visit our house as it was being built in the factory. Now, I’m back to share the best home delivery a person can receive: An actual home!

The six wide-load trucks came down my street late at night due to town ordinances, so it was quite dark when they arrived. But when my husband and I awoke the next morning, they were already busy at work, using a large crane to puzzle together the house, piece by piece. Below is my photo essay which takes you from foundation to full standing house–all in the span of ONE DAY!

Here’s what the land and foundation looked like just one day before the house arrived.

The foundation awaits a home…

The next morning when we awoke, the builders were already using a massive crane to assemble the pieces of the house, and were pretty far along for only 9:30am!


A box (I mean room) waiting to be assembled…

Kind of reminds me of a doll’s house at this point. That push out is our master bedroom sitting area.

This was a very busy crane! They just attached our garage and the room above on the left…

Part of my beautiful breakfast nook patiently awaits to be set…

The top of the turret in flight…

Stackable boxes–just like the kids have. 🙂

A view from the rear with the breakfast nook in place…

A peek at our not-so-little three-car garage. Hubs is already in love!

Ah, my long-awaited living room turret is in place along with the master bedroom sitting room. Now we just need the wrap-around porch beneath…

And, believe it or not, our new home is erected before sunset and ALL IN ONE DAY!

Please check back here in the coming months for finished product photos, including the front porch, siding, and gorgeous interior pictures. I can’t wait to share my modular dream home with you!!


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