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My love affair with country music started when I was a child. A great deal of my school holidays and weekends were spent with my nan and granddad and my granddad just happened to be a trucker who adored Johnny Cash!

In those days there weren’t as many rules and regulations, so in the school breaks I’d often get up at the crack of dawn and go trucking around England with my granddad! My fondest memories are riding in the cab, eating Digestive biscuits and listening to Glen Campbell.


When he stopped to unload I’d pull out my pad and pen and create stories involving cowboys, truckers, and romance. Yes, even at the tender age of eight I was writing about heroes, heroines and fairytale endings.

My granddad was into the more traditional country music – Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Kenny Rogers – and it was those twangy tunes and heartfelt lyrics that drew me into the genre even then. Nothing pulls at the emotions like a country song.

Made in Nashville

Made in Nashville is all about ‘new’ country, the type of country music I like to listen to now – The Band Perry, Brantley Gilbert, Raintown. It’s rockier, more modern, the same strong stories in the words, but with a mainstream kick. But that isn’t to say I’ve completely deferred from the roots of country in the book. There are many references to the men and women who shaped Nashville and that old-style spirit. If you love country music you will adore Made in Nashville and if you haven’t tried it out yet I promise you it’s so much more than Stetsons and line-dancing. For one, Jared ‘Jed’ Marshall is HOT!

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