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Overhead or ambient lighting? Large or small … four top tips!

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10 comments on “Overhead or ambient lighting? Large or small … four top tips!

  1. Mark Hulkus says:

    The main thing that guides me with lighting is thinking that a decent light fitting may last decades. I think it’s worth spending the extra on something special, and thinking that it may go through a cycle of use, being boxed up, reuse, being boxed up, becoming retro! My favourite UK lighting shops are Habitat and BHS, and both have excellent bargains in the sales. Light fittings of a decent standard seem to keep their value on eBay too :)

    • Linn B Halton says:

      Great point, Mark! If the quality is inferior it won’t last and something well-made will stand the test of time. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Linn. It’s so easy not to think of lighting when redecorating despite it being such an integral part of the process.

    I’ll be putting this advice into practice for sure.

    • Linn B Halton says:

      You are so right, Melanie! And these days there are some fabulous budget solutions on the market. To me the lighting really does make or break a stunning finish!

  3. Good tips here! I hadn’t thought much about the size of the lighting, always focusing more on the style before. I hope to shop more wisely now.

    • Linn B Halton says:

      It’s the same as buying a new sofa, Anneli – when you look at it in the showroom it’s hard to see the proportions because the space is usually very large. I’ve bought lights that were too small and also too big – guess I’ve made all of the mistakes over the years! But now I never go anywhere without detailed sizes and a tape measure…

  4. It’s quite remarkable the difference proper lighting can make, not just to the space but to our attitudes. Thanks for the excellent information!

    • Linn B Halton says:

      Thank you, Patricia. The kitchen above is tiny and without the LED lighting looks very plain. However, this LED lighting solution cost around £20 ($30 – $35 dollars, I guess), is remote control and gives the option of a whole range of mood colours. It’s also very, very simple to install and cheap to run. Suddenly the kitchen is an interesting room – and it was easy!

  5. Gorgeous! I love all of these concepts. Time to remodel!

    • Linn B Halton says:

      Just changing the lights can totally transform a room – and you might not need to do anything else!

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